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Evidence-based pathways for success

The right re-entry strategies connect people exiting the justice system with needed services—like access to jobs and job training, housing, education, and health services. Our research, models, and tools help stakeholders—including business leaders—develop and implement successful re-entry programs and policies.

Read our research, explore our projects, and use our model tools—we’re here to help.

Black people are incarcerated 3 times more than white people in North Carolina.
Nearly half of all us children have a parent with a criminal record.
US loses $87 billion a year in economic output due to criminal records
About 70 million adult Americans have a criminal record.

Explore our Measuring Justice Dashboard to uncover patterns, evaluate your county, and drill down on specific areas.


Start out strong

The first step in any effort: understand the problem. Our legal and empirical research helps unpack the system’s complexities. Our work organizes data, pinpoints opportunities, and summarizes end results—because the more you know about an issue, the more effectively you can solve it.

Record Clearance Dashboard
Web Site
Estimating Earnings Impact of Driver’s License Revocations in North Carolina
Briefing Paper
Employment Outcomes after Prison


Pilot projects

Find what’s working

Right now in North Carolina, we’re helping stakeholders—including law enforcement leaders, court officials, county leaders, and others—develop and implement effective reforms. Our work informs policy choices, helping stakeholders innovate solutions and evaluate outcomes. Explore these projects to see what’s possible.

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Ready-to-Use Roadmaps

Get up and running

Our legal and evidence-based tools—forms, flowcharts, templates, implementation plans, and more—help you tailor your approach to your community. Whether you need a single court appearance tool or a comprehensive model bail policy, we have the roadmaps to support you.

The Business Case for Second Chance Hiring


Explore the re-entry toolbox

Find what you need—or discover new pathways—by drawing from our extensive collection of reports, projects, research, data dashboards, and much more.

“Research, scholarship, and data will help local leaders keep communities safe while honoring the dignity of each person touched by the justice system. We are excited to continue to support UNC’s Criminal Justice Innovation Lab in its mission to help improve public safety and strengthen communities.”