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The state’s indigent defense system provides defendants with constitutionally required defense services. We’re helping stakeholders understand how North Carolina can best improve its indigent defense system.


Focused on evidence-based solutions, we provide data about the system and do rigorous empirical evaluations of implemented reforms. See what we’re working on.


Interested in implementing reforms? We work with stakeholders to develop consensus solutions. Learn about reform projects and proposals.


Focused on evidence-based solutions, we do empirical evaluations of implemented reforms and provide data illuminating how the system works. See what we’re working on.


We’re currently evaluating an early involvement of counsel project; results will post here.

We’re formulating a new project to evaluate indigent defense delivery systems; information to come.

Quick Facts

$123.6 million: 2019-20 base budget appropriation for NC indigent defense

Cases for which representation is provided:

Capital & non-capital criminal trials
Juvenile delinquency proceedings
Civil commitments
Competency/guardianship proceedings
Adult protective services proceedings
Juvenile abortion waivers
Minors petitioning to marry
Abuse, neglect, dependency cases
Termination of parental rights cases
Civil & criminal contempt
Treatment courts
Direct appeals
Post-conviction proceedings


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