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  • Bail Reform: Every day in the US we jail 455,000 people who are charged with but not convicted of any crime, at a cost of $14 billion per year. Learn more.
  • Overcriminalization: In places in NC it’s a crime to let chickens run loose, fail to timely shovel snow from your sidewalk or wear a thong swimsuit. Learn more.
  • Policing: Law enforcement officers are at the front end of the criminal justice system, exercising discretion daily to decide who enters the system and who doesn’t. Learn more.
  • Indigent Defense: North Carolina spends over $125 million/year providing lawyers to indigent criminal defendants as required by the Constitution, but the system is struggling. Learn more.
  • Juvenile Justice: Based on evidence of benefit to both youthful offenders and society, in 2017 North Carolina raised the juvenile age. Learn more.